Kristie Miller Full Review

Kristie has used our services on multiple occasions since 2012 and as a result has multiple reviews.

“Suzanne Windle and her team at Beyond the Box are amazing. I have made ten other moves in my adult life, and only regret waiting until the eleventh to discover this wonderful service. They helped us choose what to take when we downsized from a house to an apartment, and advised us how to place the furniture in the most attractive and efficient manner. They found and supervised auxiliary help – the painting, the window treatments, the woodworker who repaired heirloom pieces. They took bids from movers and negotiated a lower price with the one we selected. On move-in day, they sent us away; when we returned, everything was unpacked and in its place, with no box anywhere. A fairy godmother could not have been more effective.

“Suzanne Windle and her team of elves at Beyond the Box are beyond wonderful! They have moved us and designed new living quarters three times. Each time Suzanne arranged for packing, moving, and storage; designed new spaces; and bought new items where needed and assembled them. She grappled with such issues as refinishing heirloom furniture, hanging pictures, making an inventory of estate items, and shipping dozens of vinyl records. Throughout she was creative, kind, and considerate.


— Kristie Miller