Mary Louise Cohen

“My mother is a formidable force with a taste for fine things.  As my sisters and I prepared to move her from North Carolina to DC, I wanted to find a lovely assisted living residence and to make her apartment pretty as well as safe and secure.

Having worked with Suzanne Windle for years decorating my own home, I knew  Beyond the Box would make my mother’s new home both beautiful and functional.  I also know that they would make the move stress free for the entire family.  I was right on both counts. Because we elected not to move most of Mom’s larger furniture, Suzanne shopped for everything from chairs, tables and lamps, to a sofa and dresser.  Respecting our request that we not spend and arm and a leg, Beyond the Box literally created an affordable living room, dining area and bedroom, arranged all deliveries, and then set up, organized and decorated the entire apartment within a matter of weeks.

They met the truck carrying Mom’s personal belongings, unpacked all the boxes, and put everything away just where she would want it.  They even made special space for her art supplies and sewing machine so she wouldn’t have to struggle to find them. When Mom walked through the door, there were flowers on the dining table and a bottle of wine in the fridge.  I’ll never forget her surprise and delight when she said out loud, “I feel like I’ve lived here forever.”

Moving a parent is one of the most stressful changes a family can undergo.  It’s one of those things you don’t understand until you do it. Whether you’re moving your mom or dad across the street or from out of state like we did, Beyond the Box will make the move a million times easier for everyone involved.”

Mary Louise Cohen,  Founding Partner of Phillips & Cohen, LLP,  Washington, DC, and Mary Frances Snell’s eldest daughter