Our Partners

Quinn’s Auction House

David and Matt Quinn, the second generation brothers who took over the helm several years ago, have retained the family’s deep and broad based knowledge and still offer the same personable service that sets their family owned business apart from the DC region’s less responsive (perhaps complacent?) Weschlers.  They are always realistic and honest with our clients about what their items, be they furniture, collections of decorative arts, or rare books, are actually worth. In addition, they have helped multiple clients determine authenticity and provenance for pieces when others couldn’t, bringing thousands of dollars to our clients. Whether via weekly or special catalog auction, Quinn’s always carefully places items in the proper venue to get our clients top dollar. And in what has been a down “brown furniture” market these last few years, that’s saying something!

Moyer and Sons

Moyer and Sons is another superb, family owned business that we can’t recommend highly enough. Jason and John, third generation owners, have always shown a patient professionalism and skill that keep us coming back whether our clients are moving locally or across the country. They too employ long time crews who know their business. They handle our executive clients’ special needs with personal attention and nary a raised eyebrow. They often cost a bit more than the area’s more commonly known “big box” moving companies but the value they provide makes them worth every penny!

HGK Electrical

Ron Hawkins and his sons know DC and the world of electrical contracting as well as any of the large, corporate companies we worked with and they provide house calls and guarantees when others simply don’t. They have been in the industry for quite some time and it shows in their work. Hawk’s DC Masters Electrician License is only six numbers long so you know he knows his way around the brittle, seat of the pants, do it yourself wiring jobs rampant in old houses! We’ve worked with HGK in everything from Georgetown’s nearly ancient mews, to Logan Circle’s Victorian row houses to NOMA’s new condos, to Chevy Chase family estates. Moreover, they do all the work in our personal homes. Nuff said!
Contact at (202) 607-0375.

Metropolitan Moving and Storage

We work with a lot of moving companies. Metropolitan Moving and Storage is one of the area’s best. In addition to being a smart business man, Jon Neal, one of Met Moving’s founders and its current President, is the quintessential “honest as the day is long”, caring, hardworking boy next door. He cares about his staff and personally makes sure the service they provide our clients is up to his, and our, high standards. The professional moving crews are long time employees, not hired day labor. We have worked with Metropolitan since we opened our doors. Today, over 8 years later, they’ve become our go to guys for local and east coast moves. We love that we still can guarantee our clients will have the same crew leaders for their upcoming move as they had years ago on a previous move. In a transient industry (pun intended!) Metropolitan retains and trains smart, flexible, top notch people. We can’t think of a higher compliment.