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Judy Ball Full Review

Moving is a challenge and an opportunity.  The move was the challenge and Suzanne was the opportunity, organizing it into manageable pieces.    Together with my real estate agent, Suzanne and her staff worked with me to prepare my house for sale, de-cluttering, arranging for excellent vendors (from trash removal to specialty art movers) and staging the house with my own furniture and artwork especially for my market.  The house sold within two weeks of going on the market.  
Suzanne also arranged a complicated move from the east to west coast.  Items went to five destinations along the way and she came cross-country to insure that the end of the process was as smooth as it had been from the start.  Suzanne and her staff, working with the movers, had to change destinations after items were already in storage, further complicating this move.  She handled it all (including me) with an expert hand and good humor.  It pays to have someone who knows what they’re doing!  Suzanne and her crew are worth every penny and then some!

Kristie Miller Full Review

Kristie has used our services on multiple occasions since 2012 and as a result has multiple reviews.

“Suzanne Windle and her team at Beyond the Box are amazing. I have made ten other moves in my adult life, and only regret waiting until the eleventh to discover this wonderful service. They helped us choose what to take when we downsized from a house to an apartment, and advised us how to place the furniture in the most attractive and efficient manner. They found and supervised auxiliary help – the painting, the window treatments, the woodworker who repaired heirloom pieces. They took bids from movers and negotiated a lower price with the one we selected. On move-in day, they sent us away; when we returned, everything was unpacked and in its place, with no box anywhere. A fairy godmother could not have been more effective.

“Suzanne Windle and her team of elves at Beyond the Box are beyond wonderful! They have moved us and designed new living quarters three times. Each time Suzanne arranged for packing, moving, and storage; designed new spaces; and bought new items where needed and assembled them. She grappled with such issues as refinishing heirloom furniture, hanging pictures, making an inventory of estate items, and shipping dozens of vinyl records. Throughout she was creative, kind, and considerate.


— Kristie Miller

Victoria Pedrick

“When my son and I moved back to DC after three year overseas, we faced a task that seemed overwhelming:  my things arrived after months of being lost and reportedly damaged, just as I was recovering from surgery.  It was such a relief to be able to call Suzanne and her team and rely on them.  They handled everything for me beautifully and on very short notice.  

The day before the boxes arrived, Suzanne helped me reorganize my tiny apartment.  The biggest break-through came when she cleaned up and transformed my storage space in the basement of our small building so that I had worlds more room to pack things away and get the clutter out of the apartment.   When the shipment came, a team supervised the unloading, ready to document any damage, and unpacked everything.  Suzanne even placed my rugs and hung the new pictures!  

I can’t say enough good things about this company:  personal, professional, efficient and thoughtful—I’m so glad I had them helping me! Instead of weeks of stepping around boxes and trying to figure out what to keep and what to toss, we were able to relax and recuperate that very weekend.”

Victoria Pedrick

Ron & Jean Steinberg Full Review

“It’s not an easy process to move a parent.  I don’t know how we would have done it without Elizabeth and the Beyond the Box crew.  They helped us from beginning to end: arranged for a terrific moving company, coordinated all of the moving logistics with the building staffs at both ends of the move, Leisure World and Aspenwood, made sure all of the furniture we wanted to take to Mom’s new apartment would fit, and helped us prioritize our downsizing efforts.  Come moving day, Elizabeth stayed with the movers as they packed, making sure everything that was suppose to go, did and nothing that shouldn’t, didn’t.  With Elizabeth there to supervise, we were able to leave with Mom and not have to worry. 

We would have been unpacking boxes for weeks.  Instead, we all walked into Mom’s new home for the first time and everything was done! Books and pictures on the shelves, dishes in the cabinets, clothes hung in the closet, bed made.  Even the window valance in her bedroom was installed.  And after we arrived, Elizabeth stayed and worked with Mom to hang her paintings and artwork exactly where she wanted them to be.  Mom was thrilled!

We have been telling everyone how smoothly the move went and about the wonderful job Beyond the Box did.  Our thanks to them for being there for us.”

– Ron & Jean Steinberg

Michelle Full Review

“Imagine the excitement of walking into your new, beautiful home that has been professionally unpacked and artfully arranged by the creative and watchful eye of an expert design team. Our move was completely stress-free because of the efficient and expert help of our great relocation team.  Every detail was managed to perfection including furniture and art placement, kitchen and bathroom arrangement, closet organization, fine china and collectable displays and more. It’s even more amazing that the team accomplished all this while we were out of the country. What a pleasant surprise when we returned to the states to find our new home perfectly and creatively arranged.  As a result, we were able to enjoy our new home….immediately!”
— Michele – Washington, D.C.

Lee Saterfield Full Review

“After 2 years abroad, our family recently relocated back to Washington, DC.   We retrieved our belongings from storage and welcomed home the pieces that made the trip with us.  Since we’d lived in our house previously, we had a sense of how we wanted furniture and art arranged. The sense of familiarity made the job seem easy. Our moving company agreed not only to unload but also unpack our belongings.  Even after things were put in the places we’d suggested, there was still definitely something missing.  To help us make our house a home, We engaged Beyond the Box. I had no idea the extent of the amazing experience and relocation service I was about to receive! 
Their team of professionals arrived promptly in the morning and worked feverishly all day.  They directed movements from room to room, transforming my existing furnishings in a way that made them seem brand new.  A new lay out for the living room changed its entire feeling . . . .  different art hung in the sunroom created a whole new space . . . .  our former library became a cozy family den.  They fixed a chipped antique mirror (damaged by the movers) on the spot, hung artwork meticulously throughout the house, and even had at their fingertips every correct picture hanger, light bulb and extension cord imaginable. The energetic team even asked if they could forage in the attic.  They unearthed rugs and pillows we hadn’t used in years, integrating them with existing items for a whole new look!  
To say we were pleased with this service would be an understatement. The experience made me appreciate the things we own by seeing them in a new light. The team also made suggestions about accessories (lamps, tables) here and there to round out the look in each room.  But, in such a low key way.  Our home was transformed in a day and the stress of moving was completely eliminated.  Friends who have stopped by cannot believe we have only been back a week!”

— Lee Saterfield – Washington, D.C.

John & Jaye Rogovin Full Review

“I can’t describe how “lifesaving” Lisa Vandenburgh and her relocation team’s service has been to my family over the years. Our first experience was several years ago when we moved into our Washington DC dream home. THe installation week was surreal. I watched Lisa’s experts coordinate, orchestrate, plan, and execute like a magical traffic cop in the middle of the biggest mayhem I’ve ever seen. After 4 days of ant-like industriousness, not one tchotchke, book, photo, piece of art, kitchen utensil or article of clothing was out of place. The boxes were long gone and the lamps were lit. The house basically looked like had lived there, in utter style and pristine order, for 30 years. It would have been simple to have a dinner party the first night in our new home.

When we suddenly were relocated to Los Angeles in 2008, all I could think about was the same furniture, tchotchkes, art, plates, and clothing that had artfully been installed in our DC house had to fit, uniquely, into a completely different style and size of house, 3,000 miles away. The thought of moving without Lisa’s magic and loving touch was more than i could bear. We factored the price of her moving team into our larger moving budget and Lisa, Katina, and a team of others flew into LA for a week to make sure we didn’t lose out minds.

Our new LA rental became, almost overnight, a stunning home, filled with warmth and joy, and, best of all, order! Once again, Lisa’s team had restored us to peace, while totally reinventing how our “stuff” would be presented. Even my husband, one not prone to hyperbole, said it was nothing short of a miracle. Everyone who came to see us in the coming weeks said it looked like we’d lived there years. But perhaps most importantly, we had a lovely moving week, spent with caring professionals, with friends who helped us make sense of an otherwise stressful situation.

We are hoping to buy a home in Los Angeles in the near future, and i guarentee we will not move a muscle until i get on Beyond the Box’s calendar for what this time will be an ‘across the freeway’ relocation and installation, instead of across the country.

I do not exaggerate when i say that, in addition to good medical care and quality education, perhaps the best investment we have made in the last 5 years is in Lisa’s relocation and design management services.

— John & Jaye Rogovin – Warner Brothers General Counsel

Elizabeth Haselkorn Full Review

“The need to move my father from his apartment to assisted living happened suddenly. Ironically, I was having lunch with Suzanne Windle of Beyond the Box, talking about new business opportunities for each of us, when I got the phone call saying my father had fallen sometime in the last 24 hours and needed medical attention. Needless to say, my father never returned to his lovely home, furnished with a lifetime of memories and collectables.

I quickly learned what anyone who has been through this life passage knows: moving an aging parent is stressful, and exhausting, physically and emotionally. To keep things more organized, i compiled a notebook full of photos of my father’s things, a trick Beyond the Box uses with all its clients. I used the book to remind my father that the things he loved would transition with him and to keep my siblings apprised of things that were coming their way in their moves. We also used the books to obtain initial bids on some pieces going to auction.

Beyond the Box’s support throughout this process never waned. Had i chosen to use the service, their designers would have provided floor plans and elevation drawings to show me what my fathers new space would look like. We didn’t need that particular aspect of what Beyond the Box offers and were very happy when we learned we could pick and chose from among their various services.

Their valuable support and assistance went far beyond my dad’s move. One of the most valuable aspects of their involvement was the integration of my father’s belongings into my my own household which has a very different sense of décor. All their designers helped me mesh a multiplicity of jade silkscreens and cloisonné my father acquired while serving in the military in Asia with my own Victorian and French marquetry pieces. The process was complicated by my inheriting a good number of my elderly aunt’s possessions as she moved in with a younger family member. Their advice and placement of these beloved, and sometimes extraneous, items was life-saving

I would not hesitate to recommend Beyond the Box and the services of Suzanne, Lisa and their team of very upscale, professional designers to anyone facing the move of a parent or elderly relative to assisted living or beyond

— Elizabeth Haselkorn, Exercise Consultant & Retired General’s Daughter

Ed and Ellen Synakowski Full Review

Moving is a high stress and exceedingly costly time. We have done it so many times in our lives that we have learned, begrudgingly, to tolerate the surrounding chaos. Having packed, moved and unpacked on our own in the past, we were very unsure how to  justify in our minds, or in our budget, hiring Beyond the Box for our recent cross country move to DC.  It really took going through the process to see that what we purchased was a sense of calm and peace that we never arrived at on our own during or in the 3 years after our last move California.  Although we owned the house in California and were raising teenagers in it, we never fully unpacked family heirlooms and mementoes and never hung a single picture in our bedroom.  We can honestly say that we never felt as at home in our California house as we did on that first night in our DC rental house after working with the Beyond the Box team. They short circuited what easily would have been a 3 month process of unpacking. Not only did they eliminate the chaos defining everything about our new lives,  they eliminated the passage through those chaotic 3 months. Each of the rooms is set up, including our guest room, with linens and quilts in place, our art is hung and the Victrola stands poised in the dining room which is ready to host our first dinner party.  They arranged all our furniture, integrating newly inherited antiques with our  We appreciate more than we can say the service that Beyond the Box provides; We could never have reached this point on our own and are absolutely certain that we’ll never do it alone again!


To them we would like to say  “It’s wonderful here. We love it. Thank you very much for your eye, patience and clarity. Your service was a gift to us all.”

— Ellen & Ed Synakowski – Associate Director, Office of Fusion Energy Sciences, US Dept. of Energy

Cindy Libby Green Full Review

“Operating one of the fastest growing home care agencies in the DC metropolitan area, I know and work with a lot of professionals that serve the senior community.  We have very high standards; the care we provide our clients and their families reflects our mission and commitment to this very unique population. In order to provide the best personal service possible, my team usually handles all the details of a senior’s transition to assisted living or long term care. From assessing medical and personal care needs, to managing family interactions, decisions and expectations, to coordinating the logistics of the actual move itself, we become the single point of contact for all their needs during this otherwise overwhelming time.

Facing a recent move involving an over abundance of design and logistical issues, including the reconstruction and combining of two apartments into one, I decided to bring Beyond the Box Relocation and Design on board.  I have to say, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made!  Working alongside their team of organizers, designers, and move managers was an experience that far exceeded my expectations or previous partnering relationships.  They handled all design issues, supervised the construction and made my clients’ new home beautiful on top of it.  They took many of the logistical details off our plate, even figuring out to get bedding laundered and dry-cleaned as the movers were packing the boxes. I would hire them again in a second and look forward to spending more time with my clients and their family while Beyond the Box handles the details.”

— Cindy Libby Green, Executive Director, Premier Home Health, JSSA