Exec Relocation

Your relocation is a chance for transformation – but that doesn’t mean starting from scratch. We make it easy for you to decide which possessions will “transition” with you. Together, we’ll inventory your existing belongings, determining which fit your aspirations…and which may be past expiration. Next, our imaginative interior design team will create a “design roadmap”, thoughtfully placing furnishings and accessories in your new home or office, editing out any misfits. On moving day, we supervise the offload of your belongings, unpack the cartons, and completely set up your new home or office. Then the fun begins, as we move Beyond the Box, putting every item in its proper place, assembling so you won’t have to, and “filling in the blanks.” Our turnkey assistance, from initial unpacking to the final special touches, allows you to hit the ground running, focused on the business (and pleasure!) of your new life. We take you from “move-in” to “live in”, in no time flat!


  • Meet with client in present home or office
  • Evaluate moving needs
  • Inventory existing possessions
  • Edit possessions, as needed
  • Develop design roadmap/space plan for new home or office
  • Integrate existing belongings with new acquisitions

  • Meet moving van and supervise off-load
  • Unpack and dispose of cartons
  • Arrange furniture and accessories
  • Set up kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms
  • Organize shelves and closets
  • Hang artwork and decorative items

  • Your new home ready for you to move in!


If you have a move-related need, just ask! Additional Services are available before or after your relocation.