Ed and Ellen Synakowski Full Review

Moving is a high stress and exceedingly costly time. We have done it so many times in our lives that we have learned, begrudgingly, to tolerate the surrounding chaos. Having packed, moved and unpacked on our own in the past, we were very unsure how to  justify in our minds, or in our budget, hiring Beyond the Box for our recent cross country move to DC.  It really took going through the process to see that what we purchased was a sense of calm and peace that we never arrived at on our own during or in the 3 years after our last move California.  Although we owned the house in California and were raising teenagers in it, we never fully unpacked family heirlooms and mementoes and never hung a single picture in our bedroom.  We can honestly say that we never felt as at home in our California house as we did on that first night in our DC rental house after working with the Beyond the Box team. They short circuited what easily would have been a 3 month process of unpacking. Not only did they eliminate the chaos defining everything about our new lives,  they eliminated the passage through those chaotic 3 months. Each of the rooms is set up, including our guest room, with linens and quilts in place, our art is hung and the Victrola stands poised in the dining room which is ready to host our first dinner party.  They arranged all our furniture, integrating newly inherited antiques with our  We appreciate more than we can say the service that Beyond the Box provides; We could never have reached this point on our own and are absolutely certain that we’ll never do it alone again!


To them we would like to say  “It’s wonderful here. We love it. Thank you very much for your eye, patience and clarity. Your service was a gift to us all.”

— Ellen & Ed Synakowski – Associate Director, Office of Fusion Energy Sciences, US Dept. of Energy