Elizabeth Haselkorn Full Review

“The need to move my father from his apartment to assisted living happened suddenly. Ironically, I was having lunch with Suzanne Windle of Beyond the Box, talking about new business opportunities for each of us, when I got the phone call saying my father had fallen sometime in the last 24 hours and needed medical attention. Needless to say, my father never returned to his lovely home, furnished with a lifetime of memories and collectables.

I quickly learned what anyone who has been through this life passage knows: moving an aging parent is stressful, and exhausting, physically and emotionally. To keep things more organized, i compiled a notebook full of photos of my father’s things, a trick Beyond the Box uses with all its clients. I used the book to remind my father that the things he loved would transition with him and to keep my siblings apprised of things that were coming their way in their moves. We also used the books to obtain initial bids on some pieces going to auction.

Beyond the Box’s support throughout this process never waned. Had i chosen to use the service, their designers would have provided floor plans and elevation drawings to show me what my fathers new space would look like. We didn’t need that particular aspect of what Beyond the Box offers and were very happy when we learned we could pick and chose from among their various services.

Their valuable support and assistance went far beyond my dad’s move. One of the most valuable aspects of their involvement was the integration of my father’s belongings into my my own household which has a very different sense of décor. All their designers helped me mesh a multiplicity of jade silkscreens and cloisonné my father acquired while serving in the military in Asia with my own Victorian and French marquetry pieces. The process was complicated by my inheriting a good number of my elderly aunt’s possessions as she moved in with a younger family member. Their advice and placement of these beloved, and sometimes extraneous, items was life-saving

I would not hesitate to recommend Beyond the Box and the services of Suzanne, Lisa and their team of very upscale, professional designers to anyone facing the move of a parent or elderly relative to assisted living or beyond

— Elizabeth Haselkorn, Exercise Consultant & Retired General’s Daughter