Ron & Jean Steinberg Full Review

“It’s not an easy process to move a parent.  I don’t know how we would have done it without Elizabeth and the Beyond the Box crew.  They helped us from beginning to end: arranged for a terrific moving company, coordinated all of the moving logistics with the building staffs at both ends of the move, Leisure World and Aspenwood, made sure all of the furniture we wanted to take to Mom’s new apartment would fit, and helped us prioritize our downsizing efforts.  Come moving day, Elizabeth stayed with the movers as they packed, making sure everything that was suppose to go, did and nothing that shouldn’t, didn’t.  With Elizabeth there to supervise, we were able to leave with Mom and not have to worry. 

We would have been unpacking boxes for weeks.  Instead, we all walked into Mom’s new home for the first time and everything was done! Books and pictures on the shelves, dishes in the cabinets, clothes hung in the closet, bed made.  Even the window valance in her bedroom was installed.  And after we arrived, Elizabeth stayed and worked with Mom to hang her paintings and artwork exactly where she wanted them to be.  Mom was thrilled!

We have been telling everyone how smoothly the move went and about the wonderful job Beyond the Box did.  Our thanks to them for being there for us.”

– Ron & Jean Steinberg