Lee Saterfield Full Review

“After 2 years abroad, our family recently relocated back to Washington, DC.   We retrieved our belongings from storage and welcomed home the pieces that made the trip with us.  Since we’d lived in our house previously, we had a sense of how we wanted furniture and art arranged. The sense of familiarity made the job seem easy. Our moving company agreed not only to unload but also unpack our belongings.  Even after things were put in the places we’d suggested, there was still definitely something missing.  To help us make our house a home, We engaged Beyond the Box. I had no idea the extent of the amazing experience and relocation service I was about to receive! 
Their team of professionals arrived promptly in the morning and worked feverishly all day.  They directed movements from room to room, transforming my existing furnishings in a way that made them seem brand new.  A new lay out for the living room changed its entire feeling . . . .  different art hung in the sunroom created a whole new space . . . .  our former library became a cozy family den.  They fixed a chipped antique mirror (damaged by the movers) on the spot, hung artwork meticulously throughout the house, and even had at their fingertips every correct picture hanger, light bulb and extension cord imaginable. The energetic team even asked if they could forage in the attic.  They unearthed rugs and pillows we hadn’t used in years, integrating them with existing items for a whole new look!  
To say we were pleased with this service would be an understatement. The experience made me appreciate the things we own by seeing them in a new light. The team also made suggestions about accessories (lamps, tables) here and there to round out the look in each room.  But, in such a low key way.  Our home was transformed in a day and the stress of moving was completely eliminated.  Friends who have stopped by cannot believe we have only been back a week!”

— Lee Saterfield – Washington, D.C.